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Used Equipments

Used Equipments


Welcome to our Projects Gallery!

“JERICO”  was founded is 1985 . It is a Limited Responsibility Company with a capital of 200,000,000 L.L. fully paid .

Major projects executed by the company :

1994-1996 Beirut Sports City with “Al Amiouny Int’l ’’.
The work covered:
Demolition , excavation and cart away to an authorized dumping area . Approximate volume of 700,000 m

1996-1998 Beirut International AIRPORT WITH “C.C.C.-Hochtief J.V.’’
The work covered :

  1. Under-pass excavation works and cart away to public designated areas .Approximate volume : 300,000 m .
  2. Rock Excavation , loading and carting away at Sibline quarry . Approximate volume: 150,000m .
  3. Transport of Quarry run from Sibline to Ouzai. ApproximaTE WEIGHT: 700,000 Tons .
  4. Rental of heavy equipment for the construction of the wave breaker in the Khalde-Ouzai area .

 1997-2000 Enlargement and development of Beirut Port with “ENTRECANALES’’
The work covered:

  1. Rental of heavy equipment for the infrastructure works at Beirut Port .
  2. Backfilling works . Approximate weight: 1,500,000 Tons .
  3. Building of a rock barrier for the protection of backfilling works .


1999-2000 Sea protection works for the south of Tripoli Sport City with “BUTEC”.
The work covered :

  1. Primary Excavation Works
  2. Marine works for the protection of the Sport City . Approximate volume: 15,000m of rocks

2000-2001 Balamand Secondary School
 The work cavered :

  1. Excavation the road to the school into 40,000 m  of rocks .
  2.  Excavation works for all school buildings .


2000-2001 40 Km Wastewater  network for the East Saida region with “ARAB CONTRACTORS” .


2001-2002 Breakwater  construction  at Saida for the protection of the Treatment Plant with “ARAB CONTRACTORS”


2003-2004 Mecanique Inquiry sites with FAL: excavation and earth at Beirut, Tripoli, Saida and Zgharta.

2004-2005 Marine potection  Int. Road abdeh-Homes.

2005-2006 Breakwater construction at Tripoli for the protection of the Treatment Plant with “BUTEC BREAKWATER “

2006-2009 Arab Contractors Saida Line 9

2008-2009 Tripoli Port Phase 2

2009 KFW Ezza Project

2010 Holcim - Nahr Al Mott

2010-2011 Arida River cleanup

2011 Bekaa Trenching Work

2011 Marina Del Sol

2012 Mainroad Amioun-Saraya

2014 Holcim project, Naher el Mott



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